Actors – When you show up for an audition, you should look like your head shot – yourself on a really good day!
An industry standard Head Shot  is still head and shoulders, color with great eye contact to draw the viewer in.
Portrait Style is a shot that includes more of the body than a head shot. We are seeing lots of these today (even though they are often referred to as head shots). The pose can be standing or sitting, but must be confident and alive.
Three- Quarter Shot – Usually hits mid thigh, and helps show body type, posture, and ability to handle body language.
Comp Card  – used by Models; grouping of different looks with stats.
Preparation: It’s not always easy to be natural staring into a big lens and photo lights, but preparation can lead to having a more relaxed and fun shoot - rendering great results.  Prepare for your session and take it seriously; it is an investment in your business (YOU are the product) and your image is your main tool for getting through the door to an audition. Try on clothes, make sure they are ironed and not wrinkled in the bottom of a bag. Make sure your hair is cut and styled as it will be when you go to your auditions. Look at other head shots and photos for ideas and inspiration. I will guide you, but the best shots are captured when we work together!

Let me help you create an image that has spontaneity and life.
Tips: Always talk to your photographer about your “type” and wardrobe before the shoot, as well your preferences. I love to see your current head shot, hear what you feel works about it or didn’t and any perceived “imperfections” you don’t want to feature. As human beings we always go straight to what we don’t like in our pictures and ignore the great points staring back at us.

In general, bring a variety of clothing: styles, necklines, colors etc. Solid colors are best, no lettering or bold prints. Remember layering - layering can be great (using shirts & sweaters, leather or denim jacket over tees etc.)  Usually nice casual current styles work.  In general think classic, as trendy will go out of style really fast. We will no doubt speak about your “type” and appropriate wardrobe ahead of your appointment.

Ladies please wear makeup; come camera ready and bring your makeup for retouch- or we can arrange for a makeup artist to assist you. Again speak to me for guidance if you have questions.

Hair is important, I believe almost more important than make up. Make sure hair is not limp and flat.

Remember, shoots are work, but they can also be lots of fun! Just relax!